Medford Dragstrip Is Getting A New Track Surface!

Medford Dragstrip is getting a new track surface. We have received quotes from Knife River Paving Co. to repave our track for $72,000 dollars. This will include grind and replace 3 inches of the track surface (asphalt) 16 feet wide on each lane starting at the end of the concrete launch area that will extend about 50 feet past the 1/4 mile mark. This quote may be effected if they find soft spots.

The Kimmel Family Foundation has agreed to donate half of the cost – about $36,000 dollars. To fast-track this program, Steve Henry offered a creative financing loan for the other half so we can get the ball rolling.  This gives us the money to get started, but we’ll need to repay the loan back as soon as possible.

This is where You Come In.

We’ve set up a Benefit Account at Umpqua Bank to collect our donations to repave the track. (This is a separate account from our operations checking account.) You can make cash or check donations a Umpqua branches or to Justin or Ann at the track. You can also donate by credit or debit card by using our PayPalMe link – PayPal.Me/MedfordDragstrip. Donations of $500 or more will be posted on our Facebook page unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

All funds collected will first be used to repave the track. Anything left over would then go towards other improvements. (Except Small PayPal fee.)

Medford Dragstrip is a pending 501(c)(3), so your donation is tax deductible. (Donation receipts will be provided for donations over $500, upon request for less than $500.)


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