Points are calculated for each race as follows

  • 10 points for each tech card
  • 5 points for each time staging
  • 5 points for each round won
  • 5 additional points for the event winner
  • Please contact Cindy Schulz at (541) 944-3360 or at sweeper@ccountry.net if you have any questions or corrections. Thank You. 

  Any racer may participate in the 2015 Kendall ET Series points under the following guidelines:

  • Cost is $20 per season for each class. (A racer must buy into each class if choosing to participate in multiple classes.)
  • Points can only be carried from one class to another class through ET Race #3.
  • Must buy into the Points through ET Race #3 to have the first three races included in the season total.
  • If buying into the Points anytime after ET Race #3, the points will be tabulated from the date of the buy-in through the end of the season. 
  • Up to two absentee Tech Cards may be purchased during the season for any missed race and will be worth 10 points.
  • Any racer that wishes to participate with Division 6 Bracket Finals Team must buy into the 2015 Kendall ET Series points.

  Kendall ET Series individual race results:

4-18-15 #1     4-18-15 #2     5-2-15   5-16-15 #4   5-16-15 #5     6-6-15          6-27-15    7-11-15

8-1-15     8-22-15     KING OF THE TRACK